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DERMABON is the best treatment to control Psoriais

It is a daily use soap  that restores the skin health in a 100%

It's active ingredient Coal tar 2.13% along with other moisturizers reduces the lesion size and thickness until the   skin is totally recovered.

Opposite to cotricoids  and  corticosteroids , Dermabon  can disappear a psoriatic lesion  and allow total recovery for longer periods of time .



Product Clinically  Tested by the

Monterey Technology Institute's School of Medicine


DERMABON was tested in  an  analysis conducted by the  ITESM  School of Medicine, which measured the effect of DERMABON in people with psoriasis.

The clinical test results show effectiveness of treatment of 93% of cases.

Improvements in all cases were appreciated in less than three months.

click on the links below to see some of the testimonies of patients who participated inthe study.




DERMABON  is recommended  by the

New Life without psoriasis Association.

One of the most important in Mexico.

This is the testimony of the director of the Asocciation Sara de la Garza  regarding the treatment for psoriasis DERMABON ..



DERMABON DOES NOT have cortisone or any other  immune depressants agents  so it is safe to use even in areas not affected by psoriasis.


The  FDA approves this treatment as a non cortisone or corticosteroids  product.

The treatment with Dermabon  takes 3 months, in this time most of th lesions are controlled.

The average consumption of the soap is:

Mild psoriasis: 1 soap bar / 2 weeks
Severe psoriasis: 1 soap bar / 1 week



the success of this psoriasis treatment  depends on discipline in the use of it.

The PSORIASIS treatmet  using Dermabon is very simple:

Follow the next steps for better results.

1.- Generously soap all areas affected by psoriasis.

2.- Leave the foam genarated a maximum of 5 minutes.

3.- Rinse with water.

4.- Repeat procedure 2 times daily until the lesions have completely disappeared.

Usually, the first results can be clearly seen after 3 weeks of disciplined use of the treatment; and after 3 months, Most of  the lesions have  disappeared.

IMPORTANT: Dermabon controls very effectively   the lesions caused by psoriasis but Does Not cure psoriasis.

Once the lesions have disappeared, it is recommended the continued use as a daily use soap to keep under control the skin cells that may still appear and prevent the formation of psoriasic plaques.

If you feel your skin dry after using Dermabon you can use regular body cream  to moisture it, it won't  interfere with your recovery.

Dermabon can be used in your head  and the results are the same. we recommend the use of hair conditioner after using the treatment.

Pregnant women can safely use Dermabon, the product is Cortisone Free.


DERMABON is located in  Chihuahua México.

Calle Coronado # 102 Col Centro  C.P. 31000

Teléfono:      +52 (614) 575- 0614








We Deliver World Wide  in 5 days  by FedEx.





1.- Is Dermabon a medicine?

Dermabon is not a medicine and no prescriptions are required to buy it; the treatment has FDA registers an can be sold in all countries.

the treatment was tested in the ITESM School of Medicine resulting a 93% effectivenes  in severe, mild and moderate psoriasis.

2.- Using Dermabon I will be cured of psoriasis?

Dermabon controls psoriasis 100%  but does NOT cure the desease.

After controlling the lesions caused by psoriasis, it is recommended the continued use as a daily use soap to keep under control the skin cells that may still appear and prevent the formation of psoriatic plaques.

3.-Is there an allergic reaction when using Dermabon?

Very few users of Dermabon, less than 2% expressed any allergies, especially certain itch.

4.- How can I know if I have  psoriasis and Dermabon is the right treatement for me?

Your dermatologist can inform you if you have psoriasis.

5.- How many soap bars I need to control psoriasis

The average use of Dermabon For Severe psoriasis is 1bar/week .

For mild psoriasis 1 bar/2 weeks .

The results can be seen since the third week and in 3 months most of the lesions have desapeared.

There are 2 packs available:

12 pack, 3 months treatment for severe psoriasis.

6 pack, 3 months treatment for mild psoriasis.

6.- What should I do if I get soap in my eyes?

rinse with abundant water.


7.- Dermabon works for all kind of psoriasis?


Yes, Dermabon controls all types of psoriasis.


8.- Why is Dermabon so effective against psoriasis?


For the ingredients that act on the skin


9.- Dermabon can be used in areas not affected by psoriasis?




10.- Does Dermabon contains corticosteroids or immunosupresive agents?


No, Dermabon has FDA register  (Food and drug administration) certifying the treatment is corticosteroids and immunosupresive agents FREE.












































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